How To Prep For Your Ordinary Level Exams

If you have been following the British curriculum at school, you’ve probably been lectured quite a few times on the importance of the ordinary level exams and the impact it will have on your career and future. Most students consider this to be the most important exam of their life and end up stressing out too much over this. If you are a student who is about to sit for these exams, then these tips will surely help you prepare well.

The earlier the better

The early birds seem to have an advantage in most situations. Be it sleeping early and retaining their health or arriving to class early and saving themselves from the teacher’s wrath. Similarly, those who start preparing ahead of time for the o-level exams, end up having more time to revise and answer the past paper questions. Therefore, you must ensure that you avoid any last minute cramming sessions as this can result in forgetting what you studied, while answering the paper. It is best to start at least 6 months in advance so that you have enough time to get all your doubts cleared and answer all the past paper questions.

Get help where needed

In many countries, a norm that is widely encouraged and followed is the habit of hiring a tutor for every subject. Moreover, some students end up attending multiple classes for the same subject too. Do not make the mistake of doing so. Not only will you end up wasting your time and money, it will also result in confusion due to the different teaching patterns of the teacher. Therefore, you must ensure that you only take extra help for the subjects that you find extremely difficult. For example: if you cannot understand the formulas in physics, hire the best JC physics tutor to help clear your doubts and explain the concepts to you.

Practice makes perfect

You might think that studying the same notes for hours on end will help you achieve the desired results. But, this is not the case when the o-level exams are in question. Apart from studying your notes and reading the textbook, it is important to answer the questions on the past papers in order to provide insight into the type of questions that will be given to you and the manner in which these must be answered. Certain subjects such as math and physics may comprise of formulas that are easy to study but difficult to apply to the questions. If you find this difficult, then you may hire the best teacher in order to help you out before the exam.

Amidst all the confusion, stress and tears, you won’t even realize how soon the exams have arrived. So make sure you stop wasting time crying and utilize every moment to prepare for the upcoming exams in order to ensure that you pass with flying colors.