What Not To Do After A Surgery?

It’s been a week since you’ve had your first surgery. The beginning of the recovery period may seem tough and might give you a lot of discomfort. Especially the stitches post operation can change how your body looks. It may have been a minor surgery such as an appendix operation or a major surgery such as a hernia or bypass surgery. Whichever it is, we all know that you need to care of your body after the surgery. You need to make sure that you are well fed and cleaned in order to prevent germs entering your body. If you’re clueless about what kind of food that you need to avoid post-surgery, here’s a guide to help you.

Processed food into the trash

Yes, because that’s where it should belong once you come back home after a surgery. There’s no doubt about the side effects and the diseases that these processed food can cause to you. The fact that the food expires in two decades should give you the idea that the food especially fresh food cannot be kept that long and needs to be disposed promptly.

Say ‘no’ to cans

Canned soup, canned vegetables, canned fruits are something that you need to avoid long term. It’s not just the food that is harmful but also the chemicals that are present in tin cans can always be present in the food. Don’t be fooled by the label ‘freshly prepared’. Fresh food never comes in cans. Your body needs necessary proteins to recover from the surgery.

Don’t avoid the painkillers

Most of us think that painkillers are like a leg brace, the more you wear the more you get used to it. We avoid the pain killers assuming that we would be addicted to it and not stop consuming them. But in reality, you need the painkillers to help you move around more. The less you move around, the sicker you’re going to be. So, the next time don’t hesitate to order your pills from an online supplements store in Singapore.

Avoid constipation

Constipation may sound like a silly thing to be worried about after you’re done with a major surgery. Constipation should not be taken lightly. Straining too much can cause a lot of pressure on the stitches especially if you had lower abdomen surgery.

Don’t forget your pills

Don’t come to the assumption that you don’t need any antibiotics because you feel fine and that your stitches look fine. It’s vital that you take a full of course of the required tablets given to you by the doctor. Pills can help you have a speedy recovery. Collagen supplements are very useful in building tissue damages and strengthens your muscles.

And lastly hydrate yourself with water as this can naturally help wash out the toxins in your body. Avoid infected areas and always keep your room free of dust and dirt. Once you’ve followed this method, you can look forward for a speedy recovery.